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Building Practical Skills
Building Self Belief
Building The Desire To Do It!

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‘Experience doesn’t give you wisdom – it gives you habits’ -  Michael Grinder

Communicate for results!

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choose the best people
and develop them
choose what works best for
them in their situation
help people build the practical
skills, build the self belief and the
desire to do something about it

People come first

Respecting and valuing differences

Learning - facilitating the learning of others and continually developing ourselves

Being authentic

Our aim is to deliver exceptional workshops where we offer up new, fresh ideas and concepts and encourage people to reinforce the habits that will get them the results they want. We provide tailored programme design and delivery. So, for us, understanding your organisation, its values and its needs is absolutely key. 

Outlines of workshop modules are listed below to help you consider the learning and development you want to invest in. All are flexible regarding content and timing - we want to work with you to establish your needs and produce the outcome you want.

• Assert yourself!

• Combating conflict

• Confident, compelling presentations

• Customer care – raising the bar

• No nonsense negotiation

• Persuading and influencing

• Working together in teams

• Authentic leadership

• Problem solving made easy

• Taking control of your career

• Thriving on healthy pressure

• Time for results

• Appraising performance – setting them up for success

• Delegate!

• Peak performance coaching

• Step up to management

• Train the Trainer

• Working meetings

The process:

An initial in-take session takes place to: 


• Agree a framework of how the coach and client will work together

• Gather information

• Define the goals

• Define success criteria 

• On-going coaching sessions as agreed

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